Aroma Massage in Thane

Aroma Massage in Thane

Aroma massage or Aroma therapy massage is a wet massage with essential massage oil combined with aromatic oils of different flavours. Aroma massage treatment is a soft massage & has very soothing & relaxing stokes. Aroma massage affects limbic system of body by absorption of aromatic oils and soft strokes thus uplifting peace of mind & body.
Aroma massage is very popular in day spas / family spas due to its small duration and fast relief benefits. It is usually suited for stress or stress related conditions, headaches, digestive disorders, body pains / aches, etc. Different aromatic oils have different healing properties:

  • Calming – Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium oils,
  • Uplifting – Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Rose, Neroli oils,
  • Cleansing & Energising – Rosemary oil,
  • Decongesting – Eucalyptus, Pine, Lemon Tree oils.

Arianna Spa offers Aroma massage in various aromatic flavors and is done by trained masseurs. Guests are allowed to choose any one of various flavors before beginning of treatment.
We request you to have our Aroma massage treatment to make you relax & sooth your peace of mind & body disturbed by everyday hectic activities.

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