Arianna Signature Therapy

Arianna Signature Fusion Therapy.
This is our signature therapy wherein we have chosen the best of strokes from all different messages. This therapy helps our guests to enjoy a different message in one therapy while attaining continuous relaxation throughout treatment. A unique blend of strokes in proper sequence, combined with the nostalgic aroma of herbal oils & soothing music in the background is the real heart of this therapy.

Session Duration:
  • 100 minutes

Four Hand Massage

A perfect massage combining the expertise of two skilled therapists. This sublime four-hand therapy combines traditional & contemporary massage techniques to relax, stretch & revive your body. Also known as “Synchronised” massage is one of the most indulgent & luxurious massages available. Not one but two masseurs work in perfect synchronization & harmony, making feel our guest such a wonderful massage experience that has to be tried to be believed. One of our signature therapy & must be tried at least once.

Session Duration:
  • 80 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It relaxes, Rejuvenate, De-Tox and Renew our body
  • It helps to increase immunity and control blood pressure
  • It helps to improve blood circulation and keep the body healthy
  • It Calms the Body, Mind and Soul as a result better concentration and focus
  • It helps to revitalize the skin and get rid of unwanted skin irritations
  • It promotes deep sleep
  • It removes Muscle and Joint aches & Pains
  • It increases the flexibility of the body
  • It reduces the stiffness ad stress in the muscles
  • It promotes over all physical and Mental well-being of a person

A Spa Therapy can bring a lot of positive changes in your body. A one-hour Spa treatment performed by trained an experienced technician gives you equal benefits of an 8 hours deep sleep to your body. A Body spa can bring harmony into your various body systems by positively influencing your Body, Mind and Soul. In Short A Body Spa positively effect one’s over all Well-Being..

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