Ayurvedic Therapy

Ayurveda for relaxation has been a favorite amongst Indian as well as western travelers, who are always on a lookout for a holistic and natural way of healing. The country is a hub of medicinal plants and hence, a much-preferred tourist destination for those searching for best Ayurvedic spas. For those who want to relax, heal, and unwind, India has some of the best authentic Ayurvedic treatments that can totally help you detox.

Different types of Ayurvedic Therapy available at Arianna are –

  • Abhyanga
    Abhyanga is a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with Dosha-specific warm herb-infused oil. The oil is commonly pre-mixed with herbs for specific conditions. Traditionally, the base oil used is sesame. The Abhyanga is a part of the Dinacharya (daily practices) specified by the Brhat Trayi and Laghutrayi series of Ayurvedic textbooks to maintain good health and well-being. Proponents claim Abhyanga aids joint health, nourishes the Dhatus (body tissues), and brings aggravated Doshas back to balance. They further claim it improves the condition of dry, coarse hair and flaky skin.(Therapy Duration: 70 mins)
  • Champi
    Champi is a traditional Indian head massage that uses cooling oils in combination with relaxing and sedating strokes on the head and scalp to relax you completely within a few minutes.  (Therapy Duration: 30 mins)
  • Potli Massage
    Potli massage therapy is done using heated herbal pouches also known as potlis (or poultice) that are used to rejuvenate, relax, and nourish the affected area. When these potlis are placed on the body, they have a therapeutic effect. Potli is highly rejuvenating treatment beneficial for relaxation and detoxification of the body and helps in toning and rebalancing your natural flow of energy.(Therapy Duration: 90 mins) 

Why Ayurvedic Therapy?

Ayurvedic Therapy provides the following benefits:

  • Strengthening of the blood circulation, helping the blood to reach the nerve endings.
  • Toning of muscles.
  • They have a calming effect on the brain and body.
  • Lubrication of the joints, increase of the strength of the joints.
  • Increased mental alertness

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It relaxes, Rejuvenate, De-Tox and Renew our body
  • It helps to increase immunity and control blood pressure
  • It helps to improve blood circulation and keep the body healthy
  • It Calms the Body, Mind and Soul as a result better concentration and focus
  • It helps to revitalize the skin and get rid of unwanted skin irritations
  • It promotes deep sleep
  • It removes Muscle and Joint aches & Pains
  • It increases the flexibility of the body
  • It reduces the stiffness ad stress in the muscles
  • It promotes over all physical and Mental well-being of a person

A Spa Therapy can bring a lot of positive changes in your body. A one-hour Spa treatment performed by trained an experienced technician gives you equal benefits of an 8 hours deep sleep to your body. A Body spa can bring harmony into your various body systems by positively influencing your Body, Mind and Soul. In Short A Body Spa positively effect one’s over all Well-Being..

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